The Draining of Megan



Megan sits on the couch, like she lives theres, but Constance walks in… Constance is confused why Megan in her house. Megan says she’s the new renter and that this property has been vacant for decades! Constance comes in close to Megan, seemingly putting Megan into a trances for just a moment. A moment long enough for Constance to bite Megan’s neck!!!

Megan was put into a long, long rest. Constance enjoyed her fresh, warm drink and inspects Megan all over, taking off her shoes. Megan wakes only long enough for Constance to bite her and sending her back to dreamland. Constance drags Megan to the ground only to stick her finger in Megan’s wound and drink more of her life juice. Will Constance turn her into a vampire or drain her completely???  

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