Tussle in Texas 2 wmv



Another challenger wants to fight Constance in Texas Ass Whopping Tussle. This gal, Megan Jones, is from Tennessee and is about to get her ass handed to her by this little Texas lady. Megan Jones walks down the wrestling ring ramp talking mad shit. Megan rags on Constance for taking so long to beat up her last opponent, Madison, because she’s from Arizona! Constance doesn’t want to hear any of it, she has Texas sized thighs!

Megan Jones rushes Constance to the turnbuckle so she can wail on her weak gut. Getting ravaged!! Megan swings Constance around, slinging her to the opposite turnbucket before throwing Constance’s face to the ground. Time to enjoy some of Megan’s Cuban thighs!! Megan sits on Constance’s throat until Megan counts her down! Constance slowly wakes up—for more punishment! Megan slings Constance over her shoulders, no problem at all. Megan throws Constance down and puts her in a throat-grabbing camel clutch. It’s looking like Megan has got it in the bag…until…. Constance completely turns the whole match around and totally dominates the Tennessee lass! Will Constance keep ahold of her Texas Tussle Championship?!?!

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