Jerry Gets Boxed In



Terra Mizu and Sherry Stunns walk in for their boxing session with Jerry. But for some reasons, Jerry isn’t wearing any boxing gloves. Before Jerry even gets the chance to give a sorry little answer, Terra Mizu jabs him right in the stomach! Sherry jabs him soon after! Jerry doubles over a little with each punch as Terra and Sherry alternate jabbing Jerry to the ground. Terra even jabs Jerry square in the gut. Looks like Jerry is getting dominated today, folks!

This embarrassingly long beatdown between Terra and Sherry versus Jerry continues!!! Terra and Sherry punch Jerry back and forth like a ball until a nut shot brings Jerry the ground—the ladies to give a victory pose on top of his stomach. But their not quite finished with Jerry yet. Both ladies obliterate Jerry’s stomach in jabs, first alternating, then together! Then… Groin SHOT! Are Terra and Sherry going to make Jerry pass the f out? I think so.

xoxo Sherry Stunns, Terra Mizu, Jerry Customs EML HERE


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