Concert Ticket Faints



Sinn Sage sits with her bare feet propped up. She’s looking through a bunch of junk mail until she realizes she’s received tickets to her favorite band!! Sinn is so completely overwhelmed that she…. faints—right there with her feet not the table. After some time, Constance

walks in, and runs over to  wake up Sinn! Sinn groggily wakes up and slowly reveals to Constance what made her faint. Sinn already knows what Constance will think and stands behind Constance knowing the inevitable… Constance opens the envelope to reveal a ticket to her favorite band!!! Constance properly passes out as expected!!!

Constance fainted so hard that Sinn can just limp play with Constance’s arms!! Sinn starts to question where the blank envelope even came from, and we find her laying on the couch trying to figure out the mystery with the passed out Constance nearby. Sinn discovers a note inside the envelope… its a back stage pass!! Sinn cant believe it so hard, that she passes out! AGAIN! By this time, Constance has woken up, and too found the back stage pass! She faints right on top of Sinn!! The two excited girls just lay there… in dreamland disbelief. When the ladies finally wake up, they both discover there’s only ONE ticket to the concert. Time for a CONCERT TICKET FIGHT! Who is going to the concert tonight??

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