Galas Looner Fun



Galas Looner rubs her GIANT pretty balloons and sexily moans before rubbing just the tip of the balloon knot on her pussy. Galas starts to slowly hump a giant pink balloon, then climbs on top to grind on the balloon to orgasm. Once she’s done playing on her balloon toy she POPS IT! She pops another!! Time for more balloon humping and bumping and grinding and moaning. POP! A surprise pop while Galas humps a balloon in cowgirl style!

Next up, Galas humps  all over a giant purple balloon! Such a bouncy ass all over a bouncy ball balloon!! POP!! Last is a giant yellow balloon that Galas toys around with before placing on the floor to rub her feet all over! It might be too tough to pop with your feet Galas! But no balloon is tough enough to withstand Galas’ sharp nails on the balloon surface or survive Galas’ biting the balloon knot! POP! Time for to Galas roll around in her pile of popped latex balloons


xoxo Galas Customs EML HERE


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