Celeste’s Conquering Comeback



Celeste circles around with Misty and they fall to the ground! Celeste takes charge and chokes Misty until she finally taps!! Both gals are in their pro-style wrestling uniforms, shiny leotards with thick pantyhose, and are bringing their baddest attitudes. Last time, Misty completely dominated Celeste… so you know this time Celeste is pissed off and ready to take down Misty over and over and over again!

Celeste puts Misty into body scissorhold and pushes Misty’s head all the way back. Misty recovers and gets out of Celeste’s heckin’ big thighs. Misty forces a full split into Celeste’s open legs, but Celeste recoils by punching Misty square in the face!!! Celeste fully takes over until Misty gets her into a head scissorhold…. but then Celeste cunt punches Misty!!! Then gives Misty a back breaking stinkface!!! Back and forth they go until a full back breaker that makes Misty cry, squeal, scream, AND tap AGAIN! Celeste does everything she can to totally and fully dominate Misty until Misty totally and fully pass right out.


xoxo Celeste and Misty Lovelace  Customs? EML HERE


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