Superheroine Wrestling



Superheroine Constance and Superheroine Tomiko know that they must always be training and mastering their combat skills. First, test of strength, then Constance quickly takes over by choking Tomiko… until she taps!! Tomiko takes the brief chance to jab Constance right in the stomach! Constance doubles over… until Constance jabs Tomiko in the stomach right back!! Both superheroine go back and forth, taking every low blow they can, proving they they are just as strong as the other.

Constance strips Tomiko of part of her superheroine uniform, and Tomiko snatches part of Constance’s super attire. Both get good punches in the fight but it looks like Constance’s head scissorhold might be more powerful than all other acquired damage. Then her back breaker. Then a body scissorhold AND sleeperhold… Tomiko is the first superheroine to pass out this evening!!!! Constance counts and takes a victory pose!!


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