Peyton’s Pool CPR



Peyton is lying face down in the pool with Misty Lovelace runs up to rescue her!! Time for CPR!!! Misty flips Peyton over and preforms chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth kissing CPR to Peyton while still in the water!! Miraculously Peyton wakes up!! Misty is so thrilled, but historical! Peyton could have died right there!!! Misty starts to hyperventilate… and suddenly Misty passes out!!

Peyton now moves Misty around and gets her to wake up again!! They both almost died!!! Suddenly, Peyton slips and hits here head! Peyton falls face down, and is in need of CPR all over again!! Misty begins CPR again, and checks Peyton’s pulse. There’s a heartbeat!! But as Misty is freaking out, Peyton flips over in the water all over again!! What an ordeal! More CPR for Peyton!! With no response from Peyton, Misty runs off to get help while Peyton just floats under water… waiting to be saved! Again!!

xoxo Peyton & Misty Lovelace  Customs? EML HERE


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