Tickling Vika



Vika is strapped down to a massage table with ropes, and wearing only a bra and yoga pants. She thought she was here for a massage, but Constance has other plans. Clearly this is not what Vika signed up for! Constance’s first massage table attack is to TICKLE the bottom of Vika’s bare foot!! Vika squeals and laughs, and Constance comes back for more by tickling Vika’s armpit! Constance then takes her long, pointy nails and gently scratches across Vika’s belly, giving her goosebumps all over!!

Constance then sticks her nail deep into Vika’s bellybutton and tickles all around! Constance was clearly here to tickle the giggles out of Vika!! She tickles her nails all over Vika’s belly, and breast, and down her thighs, and Constance doesn’t give her a moment to breath through all the tickles. Constance tickles Vika’s whole body until everywhere is overly sensitive, but Constance isn’t done having her fun!! She strokes her nail inside  Vika’s belly button again and then pulls out a feather! Constance gently tickles just the tip of the feather right inside the rim of Vika’s bellybutton, and Vika just laughs uncontrollably!!

Next up, Constance takes the feather and tickles it under the bottom of Vika’s feet!!! Then her chest! And her stomach! Vika has laughed so hard her head starts to hurt! Goodness! Constance pulls out another tickling implement instead… a plastic bristle hairbrush! Just for the sensitive soft belly!! And ticklish armpits! Vika squirms and wiggles and snorts from laughing so hard for so long!! Hearing that snort just eggs on Constance to tickle Vika even more!! What else does Constance have in store? An electric toothbrush to tickle and control Vika, of course!

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