Balloons Of Sinn



Sinn Sage, your aunt, walks into your room full of HUGE balloons… and it pisses her off to not end. She asked you to not do this and respect her boundaries, but what did you do? You blew up theses huge balloons just to spite her, didn’t you?! Sinn has to teach you a lesson. She thinks your little balloon habitat is fucking weird and dangerous. She picked up a pair of scissors and her first giant balloon victim… its yellow! POP!

Does that make you sad? Sinn doesn’t care. She knows you get off on this and its pathetic. Why cant you find a real girl that’s nice and round to lick and bounce on? She pops your balloon as you think about it. She asked you do many times to respect her space and you’ve just refused. So now you have to watch her destroy your warm precious giant balloons. Sinn seem really into the popping…

xoxo Sinn Sage  Customs? EML Here


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