Constance Destroys Jerry



Constance is on the mats again, with Jerry, who thinks he’s not going to lose! Ha! Constance immediately gets Jerry in a headlock and spins him around before kicking him right in the balls!! Down Jerry goes!! She hops in his face and starts to suffocate Jerry until he nearly passes right out!! Before Jerry gets a chance to breath again, she’s sits on his face in reverse! Better not enjoy it too much Jerry… because Constance is going to Jerry in a head scissorhold from hell!

Constance puts Jerry into a head scissorhold for so long that Jerry turns purple! Then she “turns on the spin cycle” bouncing his suffocated head all around!! Jerry is seriously never going to get out of this one. The moment Constance lets go of one scissorhold she puts Jerry right back into a different head scissorhold! Over and over again Jerry gets dominated by Constance strong thighs! What else could Constance do to dominate Jerry before he pathetically passes out??

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