Constance’s Surprise



Constance lays in bed, wearing nothing more than her lingerie, after her long workout. Suddenly, Ebon, a masked menace, appears out of nowhere and climbs on top of Constance to keep her from leaving!! Next, he sits on Constance’s chest with no room for her to wiggle out! Ebon grabs ahold of Constance’s legs and holds her right in place. Ebon then rotates to laying on Constance the other way and holds her legs in place AGAIN. There’s no way Constance is getting out of this one!!

After a long set of body splash holds, Constance must try to get out of the tiny little ball that Ebon smushed her into! He holds her legs up to her chest, and claims that he’s “helping Constance stretch.” It doesn’t look like he’s doing anything more than dominating the weak and defenseless Constance!! Ebon moves onto a grapevine hold while smothering Constance with his big enormous chest. Constance can’t do anything but wiggle underneath him!!!

Ebon decides to let up Constance, only just for a moment, so he can give her a full out bear hug! Constance loses her breath, and easily spins around for Ebon to reverse bear hug her!! Ebon throws Constance onto the bed and sits on her chest all over again!! No breaks for Constance… Ebon wraps Constance’s arms around her own neck and squeezes every ounce of breath away from her. Constance’s eyes roll, and Ebon leaves her there to look like the pathetic doll that she is!

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